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Online Use of Third Party Trademarks: Can Your Trademark Be Used without Your Permission?

Linda A. Friedman is a partner in the Birmingham office of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, where she works with clients in the development, protection and enforcement of their intellectual property assets, primarily trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. She regularly negotiates IP transactions and the resolution of IP disputes.

If an online ad, post, domain name, or even hidden text is misleading, deceptive or likely to cause confusion, or if it threatens to dilute a famous trademark, it will and should be challenged. All organizations should monitor online unauthorized uses of their valued trademarks. In addition, if an organization hosts an interactive website that invites customers to post endorsements or other comments, the terms of use should prohibit inappropriate content and the organization should monitor postings for improper trademark uses.

To read more about with Linda Friedman has to say regarding trademarks, please visit:

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